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Zukunft des deutschen Araberrennsportes

Bereits Mitte Mai hatten wir an dieser Stelle berichtet, dass der DRAV mit seiner Klage gegen die beiden deutschen Zuchtverbände und damit auch gegen die FUGARO abgewiesen wurde. Das Urteil ist inzwischen rechtskräftig. Damit ist der annähernd vier Jahre dauernde Streit endgültig zu Gunsten der Zuchtverbände beendet!

DRAV fails again at Court of Appeal

The Oberlandesgericht Celle too has, with verdict from Mai, 11th 2017 (13 U 170/16 (Kart)), rejected the claim by the DRAV to perform performance tests by horse race for the breeding associations ZSAA and VZAP and imposed all court fees on the DRAV. Additionally the court has not permitted another appeal.

Antitrust Action Of DRAV Against German Breeding Associations

During the the hearing on July 5th the Chairman of the 18th Civil Chamber of the Regional Court in Hannover summarized his preliminary assessment to the prospects for success of the claim. He said there were considerable doubts in the application of cartel law. The Regional Court fixed the date for the delivery of the decision to August 9th, 2 pm (14:00).
The legal advisers of the associations assess the prospects of success of the DRAV claim rather low.

Case of DRAV against the breeding associations dismissed

The eighteenth civil chamber of the Landgericht Hannover (Regional Court of Hannover) has rejected the claim of the DRAV against the two Arabian breeding associations VZAP and ZSAA fully with the judgement from August 9th 2016 and has ordered that the plaintiff pays the costs for the proceedings (18 O 263/15). The court thereby supported the views of the breeding association and the government authorities that they cannot be obligated to commission the DRAV with carrying out races for performance testing and that the DRAV’s claim for damages also does not apply. The violation of antitrust laws has been negated by the three judges.

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Greetings 2014

Dear friends of Arabian Racing and FUGARO,

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2014!

The past year has been very eventful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our horse owners and trainers for their loyalty and confidence throughout 2013 and we are already looking forward to personally welcome you all to our first race in 2014.

07-14 Bad Harzburg, 27.07.2014

Hussar-like ...

… shocked competitors and amused audience:

During the first Arabian race he was riding for his mother, Marion Weber, on the horse „Cobra“, the 15 years old amateur Robin Weber had to prove all his riding experiences he learned at pony racing to avoid an unpleasant “Touch Down” with the soft turf of Bad Harzburg after losing both his stirrups as a result of a collision at the beginning.

06-14 Hamburg, 29.06.2013

"And I was not there," ...

… so the proud owner, S. Mietke, who could not travel to Hamburg because of a private event. The signs for Lahischa D.A. were not necessarily on THE success, because in such strong competition and with the stable-info "The way is a bit far", all were fixed in another horse. Only the commentator, Daniel Delius, had already announced the mare only because of the stamp of only 50 kg and noted that this should be in every trifecta.

05-14 Frankfurt, 19.06.2014

A strong armada ....

... Regine Weissmeier mobilized in Frankfurt. Rank one to four she could register for her quintet at the most popular racing day of Frankfurt, the "Handwerker-Rennen", with almost 20.000 visitors. And that was definitely not granted because the powerful Hassloch-winner, Atoum'Re, flashed in places under 20 odds for 10 € and started the race with 29:10 as the clear favorite.

04-14 Baden-Baden, 01.06.2014

It hardly could have been better, ….

... for Germany's best racing Arab went to the start and did not only keep the flag flying for his coach, Gunter Richter from Hoppegarten, but also for Germany, since the other two German horses, Pandoro (G. Geisler) and Madjy (R. Weißmeier) only had a statistical value in the niner-field, which was attended by at least three nations.

08-14 Mülheim, 09.08.2014


Finally clarifying words on Arab races in Germany and on FUGARO

PDF excerpt from the magazine EQUUS ARABIAN 6-2014, that will be published on November 30th.